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Security and Safety Tips in the Manufacturing Industry

Workplace safety is essential to any organization. But in the high-risk environment of the manufacturing industry, lack of safety can be especially devastating. Accidents can mean losing valuable employees due to injury, which can in turn lead to lost money in worker’s compensation claims and lost production.

In addition to providing a safe, healthy work environment for your employees, promoting safety throughout your organization can also help boost productivity and revenue growth. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Here are a few tips to help create and maintain workplace safety in your facility.

Set up a knowledge transfer process between new and exiting workers

When you lose long-term employees, whether to a competitor or to retirement, you don’t just lose the employee. You lose the knowledge they have built up over the years of doing their job.

Making sure you have a process to transfer as much of the exiting employee’s knowledge as possible will be crucial to promoting continued efficiency and safety best practices.

Utilize good ergonomic practices and equipment

Many workplace injuries can be prevented using simple ergonomics. Proper ergonomics removes risk factors that lead to injuries and improves performance and productivity.

For example, back injuries are one of the biggest safety issues in the American workplace, and many of those injuries are caused by lifting. Ensuring your employees have the appropriate equipment to assist in lifting can prevent innumerable injuries each year, and keep your employees on the job.

Integrate automated systems and intelligent software

Regular safety training is an important way to maintain a safe work environment, and using automation and intelligent software will further enhance that training. Automation allows you to move workers from high-risk areas to safer areas where their skills can be used more effectively.

Coupled with intelligent software, automation can also reduce time spent searching for and delivering items. All of this will help to reduce physical strain on employees, preventing injuries in the long run.

Talk about safety early and often

Begin talking with employees about safety as early as the job interview. Then continue that conversation on a regular basis, preferably daily. Share concrete safety facts and numbers with them, and provide immediate feedback when you see unsafe practices. The more you talk to employees about safety, the more they will understand how serious you are about maintaining a safe workplace.

Offer incentives to promote safety

Budget for regular safety bonuses (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) or give out “Safe Employee of the Month” awards to reward great behavior. Offering incentives like this may cost you time and money, but it is certainly less detrimental to your business than injuries caused by careless behavior. It will also help to reinforce your company’s safety practices.

Prioritizing workplace safety results in safe, happy employees, greater productivity and efficiency, and increased revenue for your business. Maintaining good safety practices is fundamental to the success of your company.

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