Executive and Shop Management
Don Walsh

Don Walsh - President/CEO

Don is the Co-founder of Laser 1 Technologies and an entrepreneur who is implementing his vision of growth for the Company. Don has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in areas of machining, laser cutting, programming, and prototyping as well as over 35 years in manufacturing. During his career Don has managed all production processes for a multitude of businesses. Don’s business expertise along with his knowledge of the manufacturing industry enables Laser 1 to be proficient and competitive.

Alexandra Walsh

Alexandra Walsh - General Manager

Alexandra has over 13 years’ experience in manufacturing along with a management background. She monitors efficiency and planning throughout the company, along with managing customer, employee, and vendor relations. Her understanding of process flows, lean manufacturing, and fast-paced production makes her an excellent part of the management team. Alexandra is a graduate from Anoka Technical College with A.S. Degree in Mechanical Designing/Drafting.

Adam Heifort

Adam Heifort - Sales Consultant

Adam joined Laser 1 in September of 2016. He has worked in multiple areas of manufacturing and has a vast knowledge of the applications and processes. This knowledge, along with previous sales experience allows him to provide excellent customer service when discussing potential new projects. Among many things, he values the opportunity to take on challenging projects and build relationships. Adam graduated from Alexandria Technical and Community College in 2011 with a degree in Welding.

Gary Eager

Gary Eager - Project Estimator

Gary has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and has worked in almost every area of production from the shop floor to management. Gary’s great knowledge of manufacturing processes play a very significant role in quoting methodology. He enjoys interactions with customers and helping them with any issues regarding materials and production practices.

Mitchell Thomes

Mitchell Thomes - Shop Supervisor

Mitchell has worked in manufacturing for over 15 years. He handles daily scheduling, efficiency monitoring, and aids in purchasing. His ability to adapt to the ever changing fast-paced production environment allows him to overcome any problems that arise. Mitchell’s position plays a significant role in on-time deliveries and his skills in supervising, problem-solving, and planning make him an essential part of Laser 1.

Mike Bolander

Mike Bolander - Quality Control

Mike joined the Laser 1 team in February of 2014. He has a mechanical background with over 5 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry. Mike’s knowledge and understanding of drawing specifications and quality practices make him an integral part of operations.

David Mao

David Mao - CAD / Laser Programmer

David has been with Laser 1 since August of 2017. He has extensive knowledge of CNC programming, CAD and SolidWorks which enables him to efficiently and effectively program and operate multiple machines. His understanding and capability to use varies software allows him to aid in the design and drawing of both simple and complex parts. David has an Associate degree in CNC Operation and Programming from Saint Paul College. He also holds certification in SolidWorks.

Laura Walsh

Laura Walsh - Data Entry

Laura has over 15 years of experience in clerical positions which makes her a valuable administrative support for Laser 1. Laura processes purchase orders, manages pre-production processes, and aids in scheduling. Her attention to detail and clerical knowledge makes her proficient in her position and a fundamental asset to the Laser 1 team.


Laser 1 Technologies boasts a highly experienced team with over 100 years of combined knowledge in the field’s of Laser Cutting and Quality  Fabrication.

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