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Complementary Equipment Upgrades At Laser 1

On the shop floor, it’s the large, expensive equipment that gets all the attention. We’re talking about the star machinery, responsible for crafting a business’s signature items. Because it makes the headliner products, it is the headliner machine: innovative, cool, and often big and powerful.

Complementary Equipment Plays Essential Supporting Role

However, while it’s natural that the stars grab all the attention, there is some machinery talent flying under the radar and working behind the scenes. We’re talking about complementary equipment.

What’s complementary equipment? Nope–it’s not equipment programmed to tell you how nice you look or how smart you are. Rather, complementary equipment plays vital supporting roles in manufacturing. These secondary players include things like conveyors, lifts and feeders. They may not be sexy, but they’re crucial to getting the job done right.

However, like all other equipment we rely on in any manufacturing enterprise, the complementary equipment has to be upgraded along with the star machinery, in order to keep up with increasing production, and increasingly high quality standards.

Top-Of-The-Line Complementary Equipment Is a Necessary Investment

At Laser 1 Technologies, we upgrade this equipment frequently, not only to meet production and quality demands, but to make operators’ lives easier, enabling them to make quality products faster on operator-friendly machines. Keeping our machinery line current and efficient has a great positive impact on employee excitement and morale.

Customers also benefit when our complementary equipment is modern and up-to-date. While they might not be interested in exactly what equipment we’ve used to manufacture their parts, they do want to know that their parts are processed by 21st century technology.

New Sharp and Apex Machines at Laser 1

In the last three months, Laser 1 has upgraded our complementary equipment. We purchased a powerful new Sharp milling machine and an Apex dry metalworking deburring and grinding machine. Thanks to these state-of-the-art tools, Laser 1 can improve the precision and quality of our machining process.

Both the quality of finished parts and the visual presentation play an important role for original manufacturers and end users as well. Achieving smooth surfaces and eliminating sharp edges is of great importance. Our Apex time saver performs these functions with a high degree of precision, performing such functions as deburring, dross removal, calibrating/dimensioning, edge radiusing and finishing. Our new Sharp milling machine, also known as a precision drill press in manufacturing jargon, is tremendously useful for prototypes, tool making, very small runs, and odd jobs.

Every Star Needs Help Behind the Scenes

Just like Emma Stone relies on acting coaches and costume talent to do her best, or Steven Spielberg depends on a crew of rock-solid production assistants, our center-stage machinery needs the support of top-notch complementary equipment to get the job done.

At Laser 1 Technologies, we don’t cut corners: We make every investment possible in the caliber of our equipment, to ensure the caliber of our work.

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