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Best Marketing Campaigns

Our fabrication services support a huge variety of companies. Our customers are in just about every industry, from automotive, scrap metal and agricultural equipment to staging equipment and consumer goods. They’ve all got at least two things in common, though: they rely in Laser 1 for precision machining, laser stamping and more; and they need to maintain and grow their business through marketing.

Large companies have the luxury of entire staffs devoted to marketing, but at small and medium sized companies there’s less bandwidth for this vital function. Sometimes the person(s) dedicated to marketing wear a number of other hats, like sales, administration, or CEO.

As the new year rolls around, it’s the perfect time to revisit marketing efforts, set goals for the coming year, and amp up business for the next 12 months. It’s also a great opportunity to seek inspiration for your marketing, as lots of experts review the most striking or successful campaigns of the past year and post roundups online.

For inspiration to spark marketing ideas for your business, try an online search including your product or industry and “marketing strategies,” “marketing ideas,” “content marketing” — you get the picture.

For a broader set of ideas which may apply across any industry, searches like “best marketing 2016” will connect you to collections like this one: 28 of the Best Marketing Campaigns and Experiments of 2016 (and the People Behind Them). While some examples are highly specific, others can be appropriated by nearly any industry. Check out #18 to learn how to make your remarketing welcome instead of annoying to your prospects, and #20 about using video to nurture leads. There are also links to successful Facebook Live campaigns (#19 and #27).

Entrepreneurship expert Neil Patel shares 8 (More) Absolutely Brilliant Content Marketing Innovations From the World’s Best Brands, which focuses on a variety of different strategies employed by high-profile brands, such as Whole Foods (educate and help customers) and Nike (bring great customer service to social media).

Researching marketing techniques online can be like drinking from a firehose, so don’t get overwhelmed–just set aside a few hours to see what the experts are saying, what the industry forecasts indicate, and what the competition is up to. Then set goals, make a plan, and grow your business.

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