By Laser 1 Technologies

Laser Systems May be the Answer to Your Production Woes

You may not know it right now, but we’re a lot alike.

Your interests are the same as mine. Cost. Efficiency. Timeliness. Accuracy. Competitiveness.

That’s why every piece of machinery that we purchase fills a client’s critical need.

Take, for example, the Mitsubishi eX Laser System. While its high-powered laser cuts the metal, excess material is either melted, burned, or vaporized away. Simultaneously, a high-pressure jet of gas blows away any debris, which results in a highly finished surface cut. Laser cutting allows for cleaner, burr-free cuts and provides improved accuracy, rapid production, and low operator intervention. It comes down to less metal waste and a lower cost of manufacturing.


There are numerous benefits of laser cutting in part production.

  • The focused laser beam allows for intricate or complex parts to be cut that may be too difficult to make with standard tools
  • Produces a cutting surface that’s near-machined finished, eliminating secondary operations and decreasing production times
  • Capable of cutting many materials and thicknesses
  • Improves accuracy, consistency, and flexibility
  • Minimal heat affected zone lowers thermal effects and distortion
  • Greater processing control

The Laser 1 production team has the technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge needed to help your business operate in the most efficient and competitive manner possible. Our job is to convey design changes or manufacturing processes that will reduce costs, increase efficiency, and propel you to the top of your industry.

As your strategic partner, we’re always researching various manufacturing options and looking for ways to help increase your bottom line. We’ll help you to determine which emerging technological advancement is the most cost-effective solution for the manufacturing of your product.

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