By Laser 1 Technologies

The Secret is to Never Settle

It’s always been our strategy to provide several manufacturing services under one roof, for there’s no better way to meet the complete product needs of our customers. Laser 1 Technologies offers core services that range from laser cutting and stamping, to precision machining and fabrication. When these basic services combine with our specialty areas of welding, pems installation, assembly, painting and coating, our clients are provided a one-stop shop for easy product creation and development. The continuous expansion of services has allowed us to offer opportunities to a wider range of businesses.

To meet our customer’s level of demand, the employees at Laser 1 Technologies focus on maximizing the full potential of this industry. For example, with the recent addition of a CNC Mill and Mitsubishi flat sheet laser, we were able to help clients take advantage of technical opportunities that would not have been available otherwise.

Running a business is certainly not easy. We work hard to succeed and have never taken our success for granted. The Laser 1 Technologies’ team is made up of a multitalented group of individuals whose gifts and passions enhance the value of our company. As a cohesive group, we’ve progressed by taking the necessary steps to grow, hone, and develop our strengths.

We always strive to produce high quality parts in a more efficient and economical manner. Our latest equipment purchase, the Bystronics Xcite Pressbrake, has a proven record of improving accuracy and increasing production capacity. This single piece of manufacturing equipment elevates us to a higher level of parts complexity, precision, and overall quality.

Laser 1 Technologies is now at a level playing field with the largest players in the manufacturing industry. But unlike the big guys, we’re down-to-earth, approachable, and always on your side.

Isn’t that what you’re looking for in a manufacturing company?

Partner with us and we’ll help you to reach your full potential. (651) 451-9397

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