By Laser 1 Technologies

Tim Walsh’s Retirement

Laser 1 Technologies would like to announce retirement of Tim Walsh, co-founder of the Company and its Vice President of Sales.

After several successful years in business, Tim decided to retire as of December 31, 2013. Since the formation of Laser 1 Technologies Tim has greatly contributed to the growth and reputation of the Company. His engineering skills were instrumental in taking difficult projects and making them successful.

In the last few years Tim and his wife Debbie have been involved in charity work in Cambodia. They are transferring their practical knowledge to this developing nation finding their work challenging and satisfactory. Consequently, Tim decided to devote his time to this noble, charitable work.

We would like to thank Tim for his work and contribution to Laser 1 hoping that he will visit us often and share with us his successes overseas.

Good luck, Tim.


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