By Laser 1 Technologies

Our Business Philosophy and Business Model

The economic events of 2008-2009 forced vast majority of companies to review their business philosophy and especially business models. The former is strongly correlated with social and geopolitical situation since is defining company’s identity that distinguishes it in the marketplace. The latter one describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.

To develop and consolidate business philosophy and business model, business strategies are developed and implemented. Such process is a typical to any large company. Small businesses are usually stopping this process at the level of a mission statement or code of ethics. Consequently, business identity is diminishing over time and organizational structure stops representing core aspects of business.

Being aware that U.S. and world economy going to rapid positive changes, Laser 1 Technologies invested a significant amount of resources to define its identity and to develop business strategies for the next decade. We observed a growing trend of reshoring (the newest term describing return of jobs sent previously overseas). We experienced increase of manufacturing orders and RFQs from companies that were placing manufacturing orders exclusively in Asia. We also listened to our customers trying to understand their needs and expectations.

Then we asked ourselves the question: what we have to do to create recognizable and sustainable company?

The answers are quite simple. We are committed to create the company that hires only people with tenacity, good attitude, and unprecedented work ethics and people who can carry through the company values and ethics; employees who are willing to participate in growth of the company and looking for opportunity to advance.

Our customers are looking for quality products with on-time deliveries. Our business model includes our customers and employees. We are offering a synergy between us and the customer. Our success stories are evolving around companies that are allowing us to participate in their ordering and warehousing systems. As a result we are making parts and creating value for both sides. We like to talk about parts but mostly we would like to talk about the business to create a win-win situation.


Tad Kowalczyk

Chief Operating Officer

Laser 1 Technologies, Inc.

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