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Our Business

Laser Machining and Precision Fabrication

If you have a project requiring high quality laser cutting, machining, stamping or custom fabrication, then Laser 1 Technologies is the company for you. We have the resources and technology to meet your most complex cutting needs. Laser 1 Technologies has a scope of capabilities to handle a wide variety of projects requiring precision cutting, machining, welding, forming or stamping.

  • Quality and precision
  • Responsive
  • Prototype through production

We handle many materials and thicknesses, we specialize in laser cutting thick metals and working with large sheets. We can laser cut most types of metals and plastics, and we can handle thicknesses up to 5/8”. We truly are a high quality cutting and fabrication shop that can support your needs from concept mock up, to prototypes to volume production. Our ability to handle a large variety of materials and thicknesses enable us to support your most complex and demanding projects.

Whether you need a single mockup, qualification prototypes or high volume production, we can support you through your design, engineering and production stages. We have the ability to provide you with fast turn prototypes and we can gear up for economical high volume production. Our Engineers can advise you on what the most cost effective manufacturing methods are for your product.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom sheet metal fabrication is our specialty. Our vast experience and knowledge make us your ideal partner for handling your toughest projects. We can provide the quick turn mock up as well as support your volume production needs. Our ability to do a wide variety of forming, welding and spot welding, complex cutting or machining ensure that we can handle most fabrication projects. Find out more on custom sheet metal fabrication.


Our metal stamping presses can perform a variety of operations to meet the unique needs of our clients, including blanking, piercing, forming and drawing. We can also perform combinations of all processes as needed for specific part production requirements.

Laser 1 Technologies offers deep drawing manufacturing technology for metal forming to produce a variety of shapes including shells, cans, tubes, domes, hemispheres, cylinders, pans as well as irregular shaped products for specialized needs.

Specialty Projects

Laser 1 Technologies has the creativity and capability to handle some of the most unique applications. If you have a project requiring unusual shapes sizes or material combinations then you need to meet with Laser 1

Our facility is conveniently located near both St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota. In addition to Minnesota, we serve many clients located in Wisconsin, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois and Indiana.