Capabilities - Laser 1 Technologies


Flat Sheet Cutting Capabilities

-Steel to 1 inch thick
-Steel to 1/2 inch thick
-Aluminum to 3/8 inch thick
-Sheet sizes to 60in. X 120in.

Tube Cutting

-Cylindrical Tubes
-Square tubes
-Rectangular tubes
-Wall thickness to 1/2in.


-90 Ton 8′ Press Brake
-150 Ton 12′ Press
-80 Ton 80” Bystronics Pressbrake


-Time Saving
-CNC Machining

Deep Drawing Manufacturing

Technology for metal forming to produce:








-other irregular shaped products

Specialized Cutting Capabilities

-Motor Laminate cutting
-Shims from .002″
-Fiberglass cutting
-Plastics cutting
-Other plastics
-Open architecture system-good for formed parts
-Electrical boxes

Welding Capabilities

-Spot Welding


-Design and build own dies

-Extensive selection of stock punches and dies on hand

Metal Stamping

-Variety of presses performing blanking, piercing, forming, and drawing