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About Us

About UsLaser 1 Technologies is not a typical or traditional fabrication shop. Over the years the company evolved to a full blown manufacturing facility capable to handle complex projects and most demanding customers.

Our constant growth allows us to handle, with the same precision and process integrity, a large variety of projects from sampling new parts to mass production.


We are clearly aware that there are many businesses which they are capable to do exactly what we do. The company ownership and its executives have never been satisfied to be another “we can do it too” fabrication shop.

We do understand the value of our customer’s final products. We understand all aspects of manufacturing cost. Finally, we know about importance of on time delivery and inventory control.

Our business model and approaches taking all of the above issues under the consideration. Our business proposition is very simple:

  • We would like to be a partner in your supply chain.
  • We will make your parts and we will manage your inventory by keeping desired amount of inventory on hand and delivering products according to your releases.
  • Our partnership will lower your immediate Cost of Goods Sold and will improve your cash flow.

Call our sales department today to discuss how we can become a business partners.