By Laser 1 Technologies

Laser 1 Technologies, Inc. is actively pursuing acquisition

For Immediate Release

September 19, 2017

Laser 1 Technologies, Inc. is actively pursuing acquisition that can be consolidated into Laser 1 operations

Laser 1 Technologies is a reputable Manufacturer-to-order and Fabrication Company located in Minneapolis – St. Paul metro area. For 18 years the Company is servicing large number of companies and producing parts and components for, but not limited, automobile, agriculture, scrap metal, safety equipment, and aerospace industries.

Laser 1 is a privately own corporation experiencing healthy growth and focused on expansion. Continuous investments in the newest manufacturing technologies creating a competitive advantage and solid margins. This stage of acquisition is focused on complimentary expansion as well as diversification. Laser 1 has the financial resources to close transaction in very reasonable time.


Acquisition Criteria

Type of Business

Manufacturers of industrial, commercial, or consumer products which are distinctive or proprietary. Preferable industries are: automotive, computer and electronic hardware, robotics, non-evasive medical, safety incl. home and individual protection, renewable energy, steel fabrication, E-commerce, and marketing.

Sales Volume

$500K – $3 Million


No minimum requirement. We will consider profitable operations as well as underperforming businesses and turnaround opportunities that can be consolidated into Laser 1 Technologies.

Major Qualifiers

Business operates in growing industry(s) or niche market, business model is scalable, it has unrealized potentials, uses new or innovative technologies, possesses complimentary products/processes to Laser 1 operations, is in other industries that can fulfill Laser’s 1 effort of diversification.

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