We’re seeing more text marketing on our phones, but it’s still a trickle compared to the flood of messages we get by email or social media channels.

For that reason alone, it’s worth asking: How can text marketing help my manufacturing business?

Lots of the text marketing you’ve seen probably see falls into low-end, consumer-oriented B2C (business to consumer) messages. For example, if you’ve signed up for a loyalty program at a coffee shop or pizza place, you might be used to messages along the lines of “we haven’t seen you in a while—here’s a coupon for your next visit, expires in 4 days.”

Why Text Marketing Is a Smart Strategy

Businesses are gradually embracing text as a marketing tool. Here are some compelling reasons to consider it for your business.

Text messages get noticed: Marketing messages are still a small portion of the messages in this channel, most are still personal.

Open rates are WAY higher than for emails: around 98% for text messages vs 20-25% for emails. And opening happens fast, usually within minutes of receiving it.

Recipients have to opt-in: They are self-selected as interested parties, and you save money and effort by targeting a narrow and receptive audience.

It’s got to be brief, so it’s easier for you and there’s less barrier for the recipient.

It’s a low-cost way to spread your message.

It’s versatile: you can include images, link to websites, link to videos, offer surveys, or provide discounts.

Best uses of text messaging In manufacturing

Alert people to important emails: Sending a text can dramatically improve open rates.

Appointment or meeting reminders: By sending a text reminder a day ahead, you’ll avoid those awkward and time-wasting no-shows, and you’ll look like you’re really on top of things.

Follow up on meetings and leads: After a meeting, thank them with a friendly text. Acknowledge favors and leads with a quick and appreciative note.

Get customer feedback: A short, specific text survey will get a far higher response rate than an email survey.

Event invitations: Even an automated text message has a more personal feel than an email.

Rapid feedback cycle: Responses and benefits happen quickly, so they’re easy to measure and learn from.

How to Get Started

Automation makes it easy: There are lots of text messaging marketing services out there. Start by doing a search for comparisons or reviews, and you’ll learn a lot about available features and options. An hour or two of research and you’ll have a better sense for the features you demand, such as drip campaigns, keywords, automated responses, click-to-text, and tracking functions.

Texting is the most widely used, high-traffic data service in the world. Yet since it’s still not universally adopted as a marketing tool, especially by manufacturing companies, you can really differentiate your company by capitalizing on the universal popularity of texting.